Saturday, January 15, 2022

Current Thinking from WTWO...


My thinking this Saturday morning at 6:15 AM Sat Jan 15 2022...

*A Winter Storm Watch remains in effect from this evening through Sunday Afternoon. The NWS says warnings and advisories will likely be issued later this morning.

* Light rain was showing up on radar this morning.  A stationary boundary was stretching from Dyersburg to Jackson to Savannah. The radar returns in the SW half of the region were not reaching the ground. Whereas northeast of the boundary light rain was falling and reaching the surface.  

* Rain will become widespread over all the region beginning by late this morning and continuing through the day.

* Tonight...the rain will mix with snow soon after dark and those in the I-40 corridor should see a mixing of snow with the rain by 9 PM. Those across the south will have rain mixed with snow by midnight. Everyone should be experiencing all snow by midnight or so.

* After midnight...moderate to heavy snow may be experienced along the I-40 corridor. Lighter snow should be the case north of the I-40 corridor.

* Additionally, the snow is expected to be the wet and heavy variety coupled with gusty winds of 30 mph or so...may result in broken limbs and power outages.


-Along the I-40 corridor:  3-6 inches... with heavier
 amounts to 8 inches closer to the TN River.

-North: 1-2 inches.
-South: 1-3 inches can be expected.

Stay abreast of the latest forecast because this scenario will have to be adjusted.


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