Monday, March 29, 2021

When is the Last Spring Frost?

 7:25 AM Monday, March 29 - There are a couple of mornings that are forecast to have a frost and a frost and light freeze. Precautions need to made to protect tender plants and vegetation Wednesday night and Thursday.  What the dates of the last spring frost/freeze?  Check it out!! 

Last Spring "Frost"


MemphisFeb 21, 1905May 4, 2013March 29
Jackson, TNMarch 22, 1967May 4, 2013April 12
Jonesboro, ARMarch 16, 1925May 26, 1897April 11
Tupelo, MSMarch 11, 1946May 19, 1976April 8
NWS Memphis - East MemphisMarch 8, 2010May 4, 2013April 9

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