Friday, August 21, 2020

Dual Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico Next Week


Based on the NHC 4 AM Advisories...

The beginning of the new work-week is expected to see two category 1 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. They are still tropical depressions so they have not been named yet.  Number 14 will likely be named today as it is expected to become a tropical storm.  Number 13 is expected to reach tropical storm status tonight. 

One should not focus on the track of the center of the storm (black line) but rather the cones of uncertainty. These cones highlight the probable path but do not show the size of the storm. 

Persons planning travel to the Gulf Coast next week should monitor the latest forecasts on these storms. Based on the cones of uncertainty the potentially affected areas could be from Corpus Christi around the Gulf Coast to Tampa and Key West. 

The next full advisory from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is expected around 10 AM.  See our Tropical Page for the latest maps on these storms. Click the "Tropical Page" tab above.

Eddie Holmes, Meteorologist 
West Tennessee Online

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